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Some things that can trigger a divorce in Louisiana

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No one marries with the intention of getting divorced. However, a relationship might get to a point where the only sensible solution for you is a way out. Here are some of the common triggers of divorce in Louisiana.

Extramarital affairs

Nothing hurts like your partner cheating on you. People often feel betrayed, neglected or overlooked by their spouses. Infidelity is responsible for 30-60% of couple disagreement that leads to a divorce. Most married couples engage in extramarital affairs due to lack of emotional intimacy and difference in sexual appetite with their partners. Other people also cheat out of anger and resentment. Given that Louisiana is a fault state, marital misconduct is enough to grant a divorce.

Financial problems

Money is a very sensitive issue in a marriage. Couples who constantly disagree on how to use or manage finances might end up in divorce court. If you constantly disagree about who’s going to pay or divide your bills, one of you has poor spending habits, or one of you is dishonest about money, you should be cautious. Having different financial goals may cause constant fighting in your marriage.

Poor communication

Good communication is the key to a long-lasting marriage. Constantly arguing, not paying attention to your spouse and ignoring their needs could trigger divorce more than infidelity and financial problems might. Therefore, always aim to see your partner’s point of view, truly listen to what they say and respond accordingly with respect. Doing so increases the chances of your marriage’s survival by approximately 65%.

Placing too much expectation on your partner

People often have unrealistic images of what their partner or marriage should be like, and when the partner doesn’t live up to that, they get devastatingly disappointed. You should have big goals that you should try to reach with your partner, but don’t let them be the sole determiner of happiness and joy in your marriage.

If you feel like your marriage is coming to an end, it’s best to handle things in as friendly and professional a manner as possible. Divorce is hard, but it doesn’t have to be messy.