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The impact of pre-trial detention in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

When someone is arrested and charged with a crime in Louisiana, they will likely be held in pretrial detention. This means they will be kept in custody while their case is pending. The purpose of pretrial detention is to ensure that the accused shows up for their trial, but this policy has many unintended consequences. Here are the impacts it may have.

Impacts on the innocent

For the innocent, pretrial detention can have a devastating impact. This is because they are not guilty of the crime they are accused of and will eventually be released. During their time in detention, they may lose their job, miss out on important family moments, and suffer from emotional trauma. Furthermore, they may also be subject to physical abuse or sexual assault while in custody. If incarcerated, consult with your criminal defense attorney to find ways to be free or get to trial fast.

Impacts on the guilty

The consequences for the guilty are also significant. For example, those who are held in pretrial detention are more likely to plead guilty than those who are released. This is because they want to get out of jail as quickly as possible. Often, those who plead guilty receive harsher sentences than those who go to trial. Judges typically view them as being more culpable.

Impact on the economy

Pretrial detention can hurt the economy in several ways. For starters, when someone is detained pretrial, they often cannot work or earn an income. This impacts not only the individual but also their families and employers. Businesses may also lose customers or have to lay off employees due to the person’s incarceration. Furthermore, the cost of housing an inmate in prison or jail typically exceeds $100 per day, which you pay through tax money.

Impact on the society

Pretrial detention can lead to resentment and mistrust of the criminal justice system, resulting in increased crime rates and insecurities. This can make it difficult for the government to prosecute future cases effectively.

The impact of pretrial detention is significant and far-reaching. It affects everyone. There are many ways the government or lawmakers can reform the system to make it fairer for everyone involved, like investing in alternatives to detention.