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Do I Qualify For A Diversion Program?

Diversion programs exist in many parishes throughout Louisiana because of the belief that in many cases, people make mistakes and they should not have to suffer their entire lives because of them.

Qualifying for a diversion program here in St. Charles Parish or in any of southeastern Louisiana’s river parishes is not easy. At Marino Law Firm, LLC, in Destrehan, our lawyers understand how these programs work and how to help people take advantage of them so they can get a fresh start.

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I’ve Been Arrested. Now What Do I Do?

If you have been arrested, your first step should always be to contact an attorney. While many prosecutors may want the best outcome for you, they do not have to tell you about the opportunity for a diversion program. Our lawyers can help you review your options before you accept any plea deals that may not be in your best interests.

Diversion programs in Louisiana are typically reserved for first-time offenders who are arrested for nonviolent crimes or minor misdemeanors like marijuana possession, trespassing, shoplifting and theft. The program is meant to help people who make a mistake to get back on the right path.

In exchange for a guilty plea, you will be given the opportunity to complete certain requirements in exchange for having the conviction dropped from your record. These conditions can include completing community service, counseling and alcohol abuse classes in addition to paying a fine and avoiding arrest for a certain amount of time.

Any slip-up could mean serving the original sentence and having a criminal conviction on your record that shows up for background checks on school, job and housing applications. If you successfully complete a diversion program, we could possible get to work on expunging your arrest.

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