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The Effects A Protective Order Can Have On You

Most people do not realize how serious protective and restraining orders are. When a protective order has been put into place, there are immediate and significant consequences that can affect every aspect of your life.

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Why It Is Important To Fight: Your Rights And Reputation Are At Stake

If you have been charged with domestic violence or issued a protective order, it is vital that you speak with a lawyer before talking to the police or a judge. The judge will set a hearing for 10 to 15 days from when the protective order is issued. The best time to secure a lawyer is during this period.

A protective order can have consequences such as:

  • Loss of your right to own a weapon
  • Only being able to have supervised visitation with your children
  • Felony criminal charges for a violation of the protective order
  • Effects on any family law disputes — such as child custody or visitation — because the same judge will be reviewing both matters

The initial stages of a protective order are extremely important. Once it is in place, the damage can be very difficult to undo. We will examine all of the details of the situation and work to place you on a neutral playing field with the judge reviewing the case. If a protective order is already in place, we will work to ensure that you are able to participate in normal activities such as attending work and visiting with your family.

It is very important not to take matters into your own hands. Even if you think you are trying to “reason” with the other person, you could face serious criminal charges. Let us guide you through the legal system.

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