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Expunging An Arrest From Your Record

Many people are arrested and never face criminal charges. If this has happened to you, you could still face problems when trying to apply for certain jobs. That is because the arrest is not erased from your criminal record. A simple mistake could do severe damage to your future.

That is why expungement exists. For certain people in St. Charles Parish and in parishes across Louisiana, it may be possible to erase an arrest — and even some convictions — from a criminal record. If get an expungement, you will no longer be held hostage to a mistake from your past. At Marino Law Firm, LLC, of Destrehan, our attorneys understand how expungements work, and we can help you determine if you qualify.

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How Do I Qualify For An Expungement?

In Louisiana, you can expunge many arrests and some convictions from your record if you meet certain conditions. These include if there were no charges filed, you were acquitted or you completed the terms of your sentence or diversion program. The types of crimes that may qualify for an expungement may include:

  • Theft crimes like shoplifting or forgery
  • Drug possession
  • Simple battery
  • Drunk driving
  • Resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, public intoxication and other misdemeanors

If you receive an expungement, police and prosecutors will still be able to see the arrest on your record. However, you will be able to mark that you have never been arrested or convicted of a crime on a job or housing application without having to worry about a background check.

Receiving an expungement is not easy. Our lawyers will carefully review the details of your arrest and conviction to help you determine if you qualify. With more than 35 years of criminal defense experience, we are well-equipped to help you through the process.

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