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What are the most common reasons for divorce in Louisiana?

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2023 | Family Law |

Marital relationships are intimate and private, which means that every household dynamic is unique. Couples experience a variety of different experiences that may bond them with each other or disrupt their relationship. Couples have infinite different reasons why they may get married and plenty of other reasons why they may decide to file for divorce.

Of course, there are still trends in divorce filings that can help those contemplating divorce evaluate whether their situation justifies taking legal action. What are the most common reasons for people to divorce in Louisiana?

Most divorces are no-fault divorces

The most common reason people give for divorcing in Louisiana is a claim that there was a breakdown of the marriage. Either spouse can file a request for divorce without proving what has occurred within the marital relationship. However, to qualify for a no-fault divorce, they will need to have been separated for at least six months. If they share children with their spouse, the separation period increases to 12 months. Many no-fault divorces occur not just because of changing marital dynamics but because of major misconduct. People choose no-fault proceedings because they are faster and often less contentious.

There are many grounds for fault-based divorces

Those who pursue a fault-based divorce do not have to complete a lengthy separation before they qualify to file. They will, however, need to prove that their circumstances meet one of a handful of grounds for divorce. These include adultery, felony convictions, jail sentences and domestic violence. Those who have experienced physical or sexual abuse from their spouse, as well as those who uncover extramarital affairs, can divorce on fault-based grounds. The spouse of someone convicted of a felony or sentenced to prison or hard labor could also potentially pursue a fault-based divorce.

The actual reason that people file for divorce can be different from what they report to the courts. Unfaithfulness, financial issues, unhealthy relationship dynamics and issues related to the broader family unit are all among the most common reasons people report for pursuing divorce in Louisiana. Knowing what someone must establish to divorce in Louisiana can help people plan for what is often a very complicated process.